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Sea levels set to rise far more rapidly than expected

New research factors in collapsing Antarctic ice sheet that could double the sea-level rise to two metres by 2100 if emissions are not cut.

Nearly a quarter of green open spaces now breach laws on nitrogen dioxide pollution (the stuff that spews out of diesel exhausts). Weiterlesen

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Iceland, Greenland & Norway

Iceland, Greenland and Norwegian Svalbard offer plenty sensory stimulants, starting with the aurora borealis.

Land visitors to Iceland seeking seclusion should head west, where adventure ice cave „Into the Glacier“ is open to the public. Weiterlesen

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It’s the coldest, largest desert of the world, but in growing numbers, tourists are making their way to Antarctica. Warmer air, less-frigid water, and gravity may combine to make parts of Antarctica’s western ice sheet melt far faster than scientists … Weiterlesen

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