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Reendex Ones to Watch

The world has overtaken it, said the DJ once known on Radio.

Reendex Ones to Watch shines a spotlight on the up-and-coming creative talents set to be the next big names in culture and the arts.

What this generation’s watching? But the Reendex’s decision to axe it has generated barely a whimper of outcry. What this generation’s watching?


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The newest software, gadgets & web services.

Instead of reinventing the wheel with every new project, developers can use existing companies’ web services to create feature-rich applications. Incorporating web services into new programs allows people to develop new applications quickly.

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The Florida International Air Show is proud to announce one of Florida’s longest running aviation events

While parliament’s chief preoccupation is the letter of the law, it also has a duty to uphold the law’s spirit. That role is especially important in business and finance, where a tension exists between a commerce that wants anything legal … Weiterlesen

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